29th June 2018

8:15 p.m.

Time With People @ La Chaux-de-Fonds

Time With People @ La Chaux-de-Fonds

Time with people, un opéra (2012)

Performed by Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain

29 & 30 JUIN 2018 • 20H15




Time with People est la rencontre entre la scène et la vie de tous les jours.
Une vision surréaliste du quotidien aux frontières entre musique et théâtre de l’absurde.

Avec la participation des étudiants de la filière de théâtre musical de la Haute école des arts de Berne HKB
LOUIS D'HEUDIÈRES, adaptation française et mise en scène




27th February 2018

8 p.m.

Time With People @ Ghent

Time With People @ Ghent

Performed by ICTUS in KASK Miry Concert Hall, Ghent

Part of 

Sound & Participation - a two day conference featuring Bill Dietz, Tarek Atoui, James Saunders, Tim Parkinson, Caroline Chen, David Helbich, Edyta Jarzab, Anna Raimondo, Jaume Ferrete, Brandon LaBelle, Care of Editions, Manuela Naveau, Federic Leroy, with Q-02, Ictus, KASK & CONSERVATORIUM School of Arts Gent, an event in the framework of the European network Interfaces. 




27th October 2017

8 p.m.

Music We'd Like To Hear in October

Music We


by James Weeks

a new hour-long work for solo violin

realised by Mira Benjamin

st mary at hill
lovat lane
london ec3r 8ee

£10 (£8) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/music-wed-like-to-hear-in-october-windfell-tickets-38001331004



22nd October 2017

3 p.m.

Time With People @ Iowa

Time With People @ Iowa

Performed by a.pe.ri.od.ic

Time With People (2013) is not an opera in the traditional sense. There are no characters, costumes, or even orchestral instruments. Instead, the stage is set with trash and other assorted objects. The soloists and chorus speak, dance, chant, and drum. And the only “classical” music comes from a recording.
Alternately funny, playful, perplexing, and sad, the work challenges audiences to reconsider their preconceived notions of the nature of music. Writing about the world-premiere performance, Lawrence Dunn remarked, “This is a world in which music is a kind of memory—something that must be reconstructed from the ground up, and afterwards returned to the same ground.”
The piece hearkens back to the traditional sense of an opera as a collection of works, yet upends tradition by largely removing music and the orchestra, leaving behind only fragments, both musical and literal: recorded excerpts of Handel and Rossini begin and end the work, while a trash-strewn set serves as an orchestra of found objects as the performers wade through it.
The performance group a.pe.ri.od.ic, led by Nomi Epstein, is a collective of composers, instrumentalists and vocalists with experience in myriad experimental music practices. The group has a history of interpreting distinctive pieces using a collaborative rehearsal process, deriving meaning and intention from oblique prose scores with great sensitivity.

Presented by the UI School of Music


Voxman Music Building

93 East Burlington Street, Iowa City, IA 52240

Stark Opera Studio


15th October 2017


The Ambrosia Rasputin Show

The Ambrosia Rasputin Show

New series with Ivor Kallin, whose special guest this week is composer Laurence Crane, sharing a selection of his compositions and some of the music which inspired them. Featuring No.1 2016 by Tim Parkinson, performed by Zubin Kanga.



14th October 2017

9:55 p.m.

Parkinson Saunders @ The Wellcome Collection

Parkinson Saunders @ The Wellcome Collection

A concert of new music themed around memory, hosted by composer and vocalist Kerry Andrew.

Parkinson Saunders will be challenging each others’ memories in performances that involve associating random words with specific sounds. Seated at two tables, their instrumentation comprises any sound-producing means other than conventional instruments. This can include lo-fi electronics, ordinary objects, toys and vocalisations, resulting in a table-top orchestra of possibilities.

Also performing live will be Bastard Assignments, a London-based collective of composer-performers. They curate gigs that bring the best of experimental music and performance to London, as well as showing their own work across Europe. They are currently a quartet: Edward Henderson, Timothy Cape, Caitlin Rowley and Josh Spear.

Speakers and performers

  • Kerry Andrew, vocalist, composer and broadcaster
  • Tim Parkinson, composer-performer
  • James Saunders, composer-performer
  • Edward Henderson, composer-performer
  • Timothy Cape, composer-performer
  • Caitling Rowley, composer-performer
  • Josh Spear, composer-performer

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11:00 on Friday 29 September.

Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK




30th September 2017

1 p.m.

drum piece @ Sun Tunnels

drum piece @ Sun Tunnels

Red Desert (Katie Porter, clarinet and Devin Maxwell, percussion)

at the Sun Tunnels, Lucin, Utah

September 30, 2017 1pm-4pm

Michael Pisaro Within (6) for solo clarinet (1998) pages 1-3, Valencia, CA, 30’
Michael Pisaro A Little Dance for percussion (2000), Valencia, CA, 5’
Craig Shephard Sheepshead Bay May 20, 2012 for clarinet and percussion (2012), Brooklyn, NY, 10’
Tim Parkinson Drum Piece for solo percussion (2011), London, UK, 10’
Giacinto Scelsi Preghiera per un’ombra for solo clarinet (1954), Italy, 12’
John Cage One 4 for solo percussion (1990), USA, 6’
Devin Maxwell Cloudseeding 7 (excerpt) for solo bass clarinet (2017) Park City, Utah, 7’
André Cormier Sommeil for clarinet and percussion (2002) for Katie Porter & Devin Maxwell, Moncton,
Canada, 12’
James Tenney Having Never Written A Note for Percussion (1971) USA, 10’
Milton Babbitt My Ends Are My Beginnings for clarinet (bass clarinet) solo (1978) USA 16’
Giancarlo Schiaffini 10 AM for free instrumentation (1979) Italy, 5’
Pauline Oliveros All Fours for Drumset (1998) USA, 4’
Christian Wolff Microexercises for one or more players, free instrumentation (2006) Dartmouth, NH, 6’
Manfred Werder, ein(e) ausfuhrende(r), 2 pages of 4000 page score for 2 players (2017) Zurich,
Switzerland, 8’
Michael Pisaro Turning for Bass Clarinet and Percussion (2001), for Katie Porter & Devin Maxwell,
Valencia, CA, 20’
Anastassis Philippakopoulos Song 9 for Bass Clarinet solo (2013) Athens, Greece, 6’




22nd September 2017

7 p.m.

Time With People @ Beloit

Time With People @ Beloit

Performed by a.pe.ri.od.ic

Wilson Theatre, Beloit College, 700 College St, Beloit, WI 53511

Using absurdity, humor, and non-narrativity to redefine notions of music and memory, Time With People is an hour-long music and theatre work by British composer Tim Parkinson (b. 1973).

As Parkinson writes, “TIME WITH PEOPLE, an opera in seven scenes, for ten people and assorted objects, redefines fundamentals of opera from its 16th century origins . . . reconceived from elements of 21st century post-historical culture.” The piece hearkens back to the traditional sense of an opera as a collection of works, yet upends tradition by largely removing music and the orchestra, leaving behind only fragments, both musical and literal: recorded excerpts of Handel and Rossini begin and end the work, while a trash-strewn set serves as an orchestra of found objects as the performers wade through it.





26th August 2017

10 p.m.

BBC Radio 3 - Hear & Now - MUSIC WE'D LIKE TO HEAR

BBC Radio 3 - Hear & Now - MUSIC WE

Robert Worby introduces a recent concert promoted by Music We'd Like to Hear, a London-based collective of composer-performers. 

Makiko Nishikaze: trio-stella
Paul Newland: things that happen again (again)
Tom Johnson: Predictables
Alvin Lucier: Twonings

Performed by Apartment House 
(Recorded last month at St Mary-at-Hill in the City of London)




19th August 2017

10 p.m.

BBC Radio 3 - Hear & Now - 840: New Music for Piano

BBC Radio 3 - Hear & Now - 840: New Music for Piano

Ivan Hewett introduces a concert of new music for piano given earlier this summer at St John's Church, Waterloo, as part of the Waterloo Festival.

The concert was curated by 840, a London-based experimental music concert series. Zubin Kanga, who joins Ivan in the studio, performs works by Laurence Crane, Tim Parkinson, Bryn Harrison, Nicholas Peters, Sergei Zagny, Kate Moore, Alex Nikiporenko, Andrew Hamilton and himself.

840 was founded in 2014 by the composers Alex Nikiporenko and Nicholas Peters, and each event focuses on a particular instrument or chamber instrumentation.