26th May 2014

8 p.m.

LCMF 2014

LCMF 2014

Christopher Hobbs - McCrimmon Will Never Return (1970-73)
James Clarke - Island (2003)
Gavin Bryars - 1, 2, 1-2-3-4 (1971)
Poulomi Desai - Live set
Tim Parkinson - untitled 2004b (2004) (world premiere)
John White a selection of piano sonatas
Christopher Hobbs - Aran (1970-73)
Maggie Nicols - Live improvisation
Consumer Electronics - Estuary English (2014)

Philip Best voice, electronics (Consumer Electronics)
Gavin Bryars reed organ, percussion
Poulomi Desai prepared sitar and electronics
Sarah Froelich voice, electronics (Consumer Electronics)
Russell Haswell electronics (Consumer Electronics)
Christopher Hobbs reed organ, percussion
Maggie Nicols voice
Philip Thomas piano, reed organ
John Tilbury piano, reed organ, percussion

This year, we open the festival with a survey of the many British composers and performers who have chosen to swim against the tide.

In a rare reunion since their Obscure Records days, Gavin Bryars and Christopher Hobbs will resurrect several key experimental works of the era. Alongside this John Tilbury will premiere piano sonatas by fellow experimentalist John White. Meanwhile, subterranean explorer Philip Thomas showcases the work of two composers - James Clarke and Tim Parkinson - who have sidestepped conventional musical thought in two very different ways.

It is through improvisation that some of Britain's most radical artists have found their voice. Tonight we witness the legendary solo vocals of Maggie Nicols (pictured above), and the electronic sitar improv of Poulomi Desai.

None of these artists, however, strays more terrifyingly from convention than Consumer Electronics (pictured below), active since the early 1980s. Their recent album Estuary English provides tonight's focus.


24th May 2014

8:30 p.m.

Rise Dance Festival

Rise Dance Festival

Rise Cabaret - Various Artists

Where else would you find Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, Liz Aggiss, Christine Devaney, Karl Jay-Lewin, Eleanor Sikorski and a bunch of top-class local performers in a wing ding cabaret mash-up, with good food, drink and company?

Including Tim Parkinson - Opus 1 from Time with People, performed by Karl Jay Lewin and Avalon Hernandez.

Saturday 24 May, 20:30
Universal Hall, Findhorn
Running time tbc.

Rise Cabaret: £10 (adults), £5 (u18) on the door
Festival Pass: £45 / £22.50
Saturday Day Pass: £30 / £15


24th May 2014

3:30 p.m.

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music by Karl Jay Lewin and Matteo Fargion

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music by Karl Jay Lewin and Matteo Fargion

Karl Jay-Lewin - choreographer
Matteo Fargion - composer
Tim Parkinson - piano

Funny, sad and rebellious, the show spans the overrated, the understated and the personal. It ranges in temperament and emotion from extremely calm and extremely harmonic, to extremely loud and extremely vulgar. The live music, text and dance duo challenge and confound audience assumptions and expectations as they flip between the absurdly humorous and quietly poignant.

Saturday 24 May, 15:30
Universal Hall, Findhorn
Running time 50 minutes
Contains strong language & nudity

Extremely Bad Dancing: £10 (adults), £5 (u18) on the door
Festival Pass: £45 / £22.50
Saturday Day Pass: £30 / £15


11th May 2014

7:30 p.m.

Parkinson Saunders @ Kings Place

Parkinson Saunders @ Kings Place


kings place

Music / Sunday, 11 May 2014 - 4:00pm / Hall Two

Tim Parkinson - Time With People, Opus 1 (2012)
Stefan Thut - two strings and boxes (2) (2012) Premiere
Matteo Fargion - Songbook (2014) Premiere
James Saunders - you say what to do (2014)
John White - Wine Connoisseurs Shoot-Out (2014) Premiere
Travis Just - It's All True (2010/14) Premiere

What we have here is zeitgeist.

In 2013 Parkinson Saunders asked many composers to give them things to do and make new pieces for them for no instruments or instrumental ability.

Many tried. Some succeeded. What remains is what will be heard.

Domestic items, voices, instruments, from order to chaos, from calm to fury.

Happy unforseen crosscurrents have emerged between composers working in isolation.

It's possible that there might not be any music in the programme, but the post-apocalyptic compost heap is full of sound.


11th April 2014

7 p.m.

Schott Recital Room

Schott Recital Room

New works by Laurence Crane and Matteo Fargion, as well as recent music by Jürg Frey, Chiyoko Szlavnics and Tim Parkinson, and "Everything New Sucks" by Joseph Kudirka.

Tim Parkinson - piano

Schott Recital Room
48 Great Marlborough St


10th April 2014

7 p.m.




Tim Atkins
Alison Gibb
Jeff Hilson
Hazel McMichael


Opus 1 from "Time With People", an opera by Tim Parkinson. Performed and realised by Tim Atkins and Jeff Hilson.


Thursday 10 April
The Centre for Creative Collaboration
16 Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG

Free entry, 7pm

Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre and MA Poetic Practice, Royal Holloway


6th April 2014

4 p.m.

John White Birthday Concert

John White Birthday Concert


On The Feast of the Invention of ’Pataphysics (15 Clinamen 141),
which is the day following the 78th birthday of JOHN WHITE, Composer to the Institute,
and is also the launch date of the 8th Journalof the Institute: (Albus Liber, Exploits & Opinions of John White, Composer)

at Charlie Wright’s International Bar
& Jazz Lounge, 45 Pitfield st, London
N1 6DA (nearest tube: Old Street), on
Sunday 6 April 2014(vulg.) from 4pm.

Music from 4.30 until at least 9 pm.

Performances by
Gavin Bryars, Dr. Margaret Coldiron, Carole Finer, Julian Haxby, Chris Hobbs, John Lely, Kaffe Matthews, Tim Parkinson, Michael Parsons, Andrea Rocca, Hugh Shrapnel, Dave Smith, John Tilbury, John White

and by various ensembles, namely:
Bad Dog, LelyWhite, Live Batts

and by the official orchestra of the Institute:
The London Snorkelling Team

There will be participatory performances of The Drinking and Hooting Machine and the Newspaper-reading Machine— a more detailed programme will be emailed before the event.

Thai food available from the kitchens. Tickets are free (a hat will be passed around) and open to all, but they are also limited; people must be on the guest-list to attend, and specify if bringing a guest. To get on the list write to:
editor@atlaspress.co.uk without delay.

3rd April 2014

7:30 p.m.

Object Collection presents Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing @ Frontiers Festival

Object Collection presents Robert Ashley

Object Collection perform Automatic Writing by Robert Ashley @ Frontiers Festival, Birmingham

(see below)


30th March 2014

8 p.m.

Object Collection presents Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing @ Cafe Oto

Object Collection presents Robert Ashley

Object Collection perform Automatic Writing by Robert Ashley @ Cafe Oto, London

Object Collection present a live, staged adaptation of Robert Ashley’s seminal 1979 studio composition Automatic Writing alongside a performance of their own New York Girls - an exercise in extremes, and a fanfare for the dispersed. False pretenses, controlled feedback, plagiarism, and precisely-placed things. A performance for objects, voices, instruments, and video, it is developed from Object Collection's March 2012 duo performances in Italy.

"I went toward the idea of sounds having a kind of magical function - of being able to actually conjure characters. It seemed to me that in a sort of psycho-physical sense sounds can actually make you see things, can give you images that are quite specific." – Robert Ashley on Automatic Writing

On a stage strewn with television monitors, video cameras, and dim light, Object Collection invokes these four characters, crafting an environment that aims to heighten the enigma of the original.

Fulya Peker, Daniel Allen Nelson, Aaron Meicht, Tim Parkinson, Kara Feely, Travis Just


20th March 2014

6 p.m.

Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts

"I Was Thinking About Drowning" - a film by Jenna Collins, featuring music by Tim Parkinson.


Catalyst Annual Student Show

21st-28th March 2014
Opening night: Thursday 20th March 6pm

Catalyst Arts' annual Student & Recent Graduate Show
Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland