30th March 2014

8 p.m.

Object Collection presents Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing @ Cafe Oto

Object Collection presents Robert Ashley

Object Collection perform Automatic Writing by Robert Ashley @ Cafe Oto, London

Object Collection present a live, staged adaptation of Robert Ashley’s seminal 1979 studio composition Automatic Writing alongside a performance of their own New York Girls - an exercise in extremes, and a fanfare for the dispersed. False pretenses, controlled feedback, plagiarism, and precisely-placed things. A performance for objects, voices, instruments, and video, it is developed from Object Collection's March 2012 duo performances in Italy.

"I went toward the idea of sounds having a kind of magical function - of being able to actually conjure characters. It seemed to me that in a sort of psycho-physical sense sounds can actually make you see things, can give you images that are quite specific." – Robert Ashley on Automatic Writing

On a stage strewn with television monitors, video cameras, and dim light, Object Collection invokes these four characters, crafting an environment that aims to heighten the enigma of the original.

Fulya Peker, Daniel Allen Nelson, Aaron Meicht, Tim Parkinson, Kara Feely, Travis Just


20th March 2014

6 p.m.

Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts

"I Was Thinking About Drowning" - a film by Jenna Collins, featuring music by Tim Parkinson.


Catalyst Annual Student Show

21st-28th March 2014
Opening night: Thursday 20th March 6pm

Catalyst Arts' annual Student & Recent Graduate Show
Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland

9th March 2014

5 p.m.

175 East

175 East

175 East, one of New Zealand's foremost contemporary music ensembles, presents concerts of exploratory, uncompromising, experimental music. Since its formation in 1996, the ensemble has performed over 240 pieces, including numerous world and New Zealand premieres, and over 50 pieces have been specifically written for it.

175 East’s first concert for 2014 will feature a major new ensemble work, Things, by the group’s Artistic Director Samuel Holloway, alongside Eve de Castro-Robinson's mini-tribute to Xenakis, whisper. It will also feature pieces by three of the most interesting British composers working today: John Lely (Symphony No.3 ‘The Parsons Code for Melodic Contours’), Tim Parkinson (drum piece) and James Saunders (AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED DEVICES BEING TURNED ON AND OFF).

$15-$25 (service fees apply)

Loft, Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street Auckland 1010, New Zealand


24th February 2014

8 p.m.



Skogen’s first UK performance, Monday 24 February

Skogen - first UK performance and launch concert for their forthcoming CD, ‘Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long’ by Magnus Granberg

With Magnus Granberg, Angharad Davies, Toshimaru Nakamura, Henrik Olsson, Anna Lindal, + Oliver Coates, Tim Parkinson and guests.

Soundcloud extract https://soundcloud.com/anothertimbre/skogen-despairs-extract

The concert will start at 8pm prompt.

Youtube extract from their previous CD releases: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrBJdIvRwz8 & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6jbwTruyEk which both featured in The Wire’s discs of 2012 and 2013 respectively.

15th December 2013

2 p.m.

Zeros + Ones

Zeros + Ones

Zeros + Ones Screening Event
Arbeit Gallery

Featuring work by artists:

Sophie Lisa Beresford, Jenna Collins (featuring music by Tim Parkinson), Oliver Evelyn–Rahr & Geraldine Gallavardin, Choterina Freer, Sonia Hedstrand, Joey Holder, Anna Kinbom, Sands Murray-Wassink, Benjamin Orlow, Adrianna Palazzolo, Daniel Shanken, Nicola Woodham, Rut Karin Zettergren.

Zeros + Ones brings together 14 artists using video, sound and performance to question power struggles in technology. 22 years after Donna Harraway’s publication of A Cyborg Manifesto which launched the Cyberfeminist movement, this show looks at its relevance today in work that celebrates and questions science and technology.

Broken narratives, multiple identities, consumerism, low-fi, CGI, techno, retro, resourced, revamped, personal stories, and the new aesthetic are all present within the featured artists work. These artists come from various European cities and much of the interaction between them takes place over the internet through Skype, email, social networking, and video-file sharing.

Directions: Arbeit Gallery is located on 4 White Post Lane, London. E9 5EN
Closest station: Hackney Wick Overground and buses 26, 30, 236, 276, 388 and 488

13th December 2013

1 p.m.

Set Ensemble @ Meantime Gallery

Set Ensemble @ Meantime Gallery

The Set Ensemble in residency at Meantime Gallery, Cheltenham.
Open rehearsals & performance.

To include rehearsals of Time With People, an opera by Tim Parkinson


22nd November 2013

7 p.m.

Schott Recital Room

Schott Recital Room

Christian Wolff - Nocturnes (2007)
Paul Newland - zuihitsu (2004)
Makiko Nishikaze - resonae-piani III (2011)
Tim Parkinson - piano piece 2013

tim parkinson - piano
Schott Recital Room, Great Marlborough Street, London


7th November 2013

7:30 p.m.

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music by Karl Jay Lewin and Matteo Fargion

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music by Karl Jay Lewin and Matteo Fargion

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh


24th October 2013

5 p.m.

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music by Karl Jay Lewin and Matteo Fargion

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music by Karl Jay Lewin and Matteo Fargion

Dance Live, Aberdeen


19th October 2013

8 p.m.

SARU & Compost and Height present an evening of music of Michael Pisaro and Makiko Nishikaze

SARU & Compost and Height present an evening of music of Michael Pisaro and Makiko Nishikaze

The Roundchapel Auditorium, Powerscroft Road, London, E5 0PU.

SARU & Compost and Height present an evening of the music of Michael Pisaro and Makiko Nishikaze.

American composer Michael Pisaro's July Mountain is a translation of the Wallace Stevens poem, July Mountain, into sound. It is a dense combination of strictly timed, crossfaded field recordings, sourced on this occasion from areas around the UK, and a slew of percussion sounds, such as bowed snare drums and the bowing of a prepared vibraphone. Ricefall, another piece by Pisaro, like July Mountain, was originally written for the percussionist Greg Stuart and realised in the studio with a great many overdubs. Its performance at Cafe Oto will consist of 16 performers positioned around the venue, each adhering to a series of timings, whilst letting fall constant streams of rice onto a series of different objects.

Pianist Tim Parkinson will also be performing, on piano, works by Japanese composer, Makiko Nishikaze.

Participating in this event will be:

Daniel Bennett , Seth Cooke, Stephen Cornford, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Angharad Davies, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer, Lawrence Dunn, Bruno Guastalla, Jack Harris, Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis, Dominic Lash, Will Montgomery, Tim Parkinson, Samuel Rodgers, David Stent, Greg Stuart, and Paul Whitty.