18th July 2013

8 p.m.

Spectrum NYC

Spectrum NYC

Red Desert plays an evening of sounds floating between lines of modernity: birds, lovers, gongs, war drums, waves, sleeping, baseball and ancient lakes.


Earl Browne, Four Systems, 1954

John Cage, cComposed Improvisation No. 2, 1990

André Cormier, Sommeil, 2002

Alvin Lucier, Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator, and One or More Reflective Surfaces, 1990

Devin Maxwell, Bonneville Park, 2011

Tim Parkinson, Drum Piece, 2009

Michael Pisaro, Turning, 2001

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Ein Vöglein singt an Deinem Fenster from Amour, 1976

Michael Vincent Waller, Arbitrage, 2011

Red Desert are Devin Maxwell - percussion, Katie Porter - clarinet

121 Ludlow St
second floor
Lower East Side
New York


12th July 2013

7:30 p.m.

Music We'd Like to Hear 2013 - 2

Music We


Mira Benjamin (Montreal, Bozzini Quartet) will play

Cassandra Miller - for Mira
Jürg Frey - Wen III and A Memory of Perfection
Paul Newland - mukei
Richard Glover - new work
Tim Parkinson - violin piece 2006

tickets £9 (£6)
ST MARY AT HILL, EASTCHEAP, LONDON EC3R 8EE (2 minute walk from Monument Tube)


11th July 2013

9 p.m.

Le Hum Moncton

Le Hum Moncton

Featuring Drum Piece (2009) by Tim Parkinson

LeHum vol. 1 no. 4
Galerie Sans Nom, Éditions Sisyphe and Music/Musique NB presents the fourth instalment of a series of monthly concerts of contemporary and experimental music. This series proposes pieces from the experimental music repertoire mainly from composers and performers of today, as well as from the last sixty years.

LeHum, Vol. 1, No. 4, will be held on Thursday, July 11, at 9:00 PM, at Galerie Sans Nom, 140 Botsford Street, in Moncton. Admission is $6.

We have the pleasure of welcoming US based ensemble Red Desert for our July LeHum, this clarinet and percussion duo will play an evening of sounds floating between lines of modernity: birds, lovers, gongs, war drums, waves, sleeping, baseball and ancient lakes. We’ll hear among the most influential voices of the last sixty years in music, including Earle Brown, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Michael Pisaro, Christian Wolff and more.

Red Desert
Katie Porter, clarinet, bass clarinet
Devin Maxwell, percussion

While Red Desert is officially a new project, Devin Maxwell and Katie Porter have been performing, composing, and presenting interesting new music of all shapes and sizes since they met at CalArts in 2002. Collectively, they have premiered work by many composers including Jonathan Marmor, Quentin Tolimieri, Jason Ajemian, André Cormier, Tim Parkinson, Michael Pisaro, Craig Shepard, and Larry Polansky. Devin is currrently working on a PhD in music composition at the University of Utah while making new music for Svavar Jónatansson's photo documentary of the Utah Salt Flats, Jessica Gaynor Dance, and the Skyros Quartet. Katie's recent projects include performing in Arthur Russell's Instrumentals, Daniel Goode's Flexible Orchestra, Peter Gordon's Love of Life Orchestra and on recordings of Michael Pisaro's Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones and Craig Shepard's On Foot Brookyn released by Wandelweiser Records. They live and work in Brooklyn, NY and Wanship, Utah.

Galerie Sans Nom
140 rue Botsford St, Locaux 13 et 16
Moncton, NB E1C 4X5


5th July 2013

7:30 p.m.

Music We'd Like to Hear 2013 - 1

Music We


Music by
Some Tunes - Eva-Maria Houben
Four Part Canon - Craig Shepard
Kunsu Shim - Buch
John White - Newspaper Reading Machine
Daniel James Wolf - The Long March

performed by the mwlth ensemble

tickets £9 (£6)
ST MARY AT HILL, EASTCHEAP, LONDON EC3R 8EE (2 minute walk from Monument Tube)


4th July 2013


Harwich Festival of the Arts

Harwich Festival of the Arts

Bedtime Stories and Talking Computers

Join clarinettist Andrew Sparling among the artworks as he performs
these strange and evocative pieces - some of the gentlest music you’ll
have ever heard!

Richard Emsley - Still/s 7
Tim Parkinson - clarinet and words
Tom Johnson - Bedtime Stories

Tickets: £3. The Mermaid.

25th June 2013

8 p.m.

London Contemporary Dance School

London Contemporary Dance School

"song for many" in a new dance work by Paolo Mangiola.

An evening of original works by postgraduate students Paolo Mangiola, Morgann Runacre-Temple and Joanna Young. Featuring performances by London Contemporary Dance School alumni including Tim Caay Joon Chew, Rebecca Evans, Angeliki Gouvi, Erin Johnson, Chihiro Kawasaki, Lola Maury, Pawel Sakowicz, Mara Vivas and Hannah Wintie.

London Contemporary Dance School Postgraduate Choreography is part of a three-week End of Year Season which showcases the creativity and excellence of students completing their studies.

Date(s): 25 - 26 Jun 2013
Time(s): 8:00 pm
Venue: Robin Howard Dance Theatre
Price: £7 (£5)


31st May 2013

8 p.m.



Crooks and Claridge night

including "songs 2011" performed by Pat Allison and Ben Isaacs.

Friday, May 31, 2013
20:00 - All Ages

1:22 (map)
120 New St,
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England hd1 2ud


21st May 2013

8:30 p.m.

Landmark, Bergen

Landmark, Bergen

Pat Allison and Ben Isaacs perform "songs 2011".

An evening performance of experimental music and Fluxus by English performance trio Allison/Herbert/Isaacs highlighting ways composers and artists have considered the act of performance. Expect sound, silence, face-pulling, inter-digital massage and songs.
Including performances of work by G Douglas Barrett, George Brecht, Diego Chamy, Alison Knowles, Yoko Ono, Tim Parkinson, and Ben Vautier.

Landmark, Bergen.

25th April 2013

9 p.m.

Manorexia Tour

Manorexia Tour

JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia will be embarking on a series of European dates this Spring. The shows are as follows

25/04/13 Copenhagen, Denmark - Marble Kerken
26/04/13 Dortmund, Germany - Schauspielhaus
27/04/13 Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
28/04/13 Berlin, Germany - Roter Salon
29/04/13 Bydgoszcz, Poland - Mozg
30/04/13 Komarom, Hungary - Mediawave Festival
01/05/13 Pardubice, Czech Republic - Divadlo
02/05/13 Krems, Austria - Donaufestival
03/05/13 Munich, Germany - Ampere
04/05/13 London ATP / Yeah Yeah Yeahs curate I’ll be your Mirror at Alexandra Palace

On this tour, JG Thirlwell (compositions / laptop) will be joined by Angharad Davies (violin), Tim Parkinson (piano), Nozomi Cohen (viola), Rachel Steadman (violin), Adam Morris (percussion) and Jessica Cox (cello), with Katy Cox filling in on cello on just the Munich date.

20th April 2013

6 p.m.

The Listening Museum

The Listening Museum

Ensemble Offspring
Clocked Out Duo

Brisbane based duo Clocked Out come together with Ensemble Offspring to present a series of performance installations focusing on the phenomena of listening – a long clarinet glide accompanied by sine tone, soft bass drums and ping pong balls, twitter hymns, private beauty box performances, prepared grand piano, loud bass drums and virtuosi clarinet, a gas cylinder bell with electronics and microphones as pendulums.

Featured performers include Jason Noble, Claire Edwardes, Vanessa Tomlinson, Erik Griswold, Steffan Ianigro and Super Critical Mass with works by Alvin Lucier, Steve Reich, Erik Griswold and Amanda Cole. Presented in association with the New Music Network.

Erik Griswold – Action Music
Rosemary Joy – Beauty Boxes
Steve Reich – Pendulum Music
Steffan Ianigro – Campanology
Amanda Cole & Warren Armstrong – Twitterphonicon
Magnus Lindberg – Ablauf
Alvin Lucier – In Memoriam Jon Higgins
Alvin Lucier – Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums and Acoustic Pendulums
Super Critical Mass – GLOW
Tim Parkinson – Melodica and Percussion (Australian premiere)
Vanessa Tomlinson – Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday
Erik Griswold – Spill

Jason Noble (clarinet)
Vanessa Tomlinson and Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Erik Griswold (prepared piano)
Amanda Cole & Warren Armstrong (installation)
Steffan Ianigro (bell & electronics)
Clarinets on mass (concept: Julian Day, Janet McKay, Luke Jaaniste)

Where & When
Brisbane Urban Art Projects, 6pm Saturday 20th April
Sydney Paddington Uniting Church, 6.30pm Friday 14th June

Brisbane by donation at the door
Sydney $30/$15 cityrecitalhall.com