• august (extract)

       Steve Altoft

  • bed (extract)

       Erin Flannery, OCNM Soloists, cond. Nathan Fuhr

  • clarinet and words (extract)

       Jürg Frey - clarinet

  • double quartet (extract)

       Vor und Nach

  • drum piece

       Played by Devin Maxwell @ Incubator Arts, New York, 27.05.11

  • eight violins (excerpt)

       Darragh Morgan - violins

  • ensemble 2012

       Recording of the realisation by Dedalus performed at The Forge, London, 23.10.12

  • flutes (extract)

       Annie Parker & Lynne Plowman - flutes

  • harp piece (extract)

       Rhodri Davies

  • orchestra piece (2007)

       Basel Sinfonietta, cond. Manuel Nawri, 8.11.11, Martinskirche, Basel

  • piano piece (2006) (extract)

       Philip Thomas, The Warehouse, 23rd February 2008

  • piano piece (October 2002) (extract)

       Sebastian Berweck

  • quartet (2006) (Extract)

       for 4 percussionists using household objects. Written and performed by Apartment House (Andrew Sparling, John Lely, James Saunders & Tim Parkinson). The Warehouse, London, October 2006

  • septet (2007) (extract)

       Written for Apartment House for WDR Köln broadcast.

  • septet (extract)


  • sextet (extract)


  • sixty eight sounds for Welborne (extract)

       Installed at Welborne Church, Welborne Arts Festival, Norfolk, UK, June 2005

  • song for many

       Performed by the Edges Ensemble, 21.11.11, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

  • songs 2011 - la dee

       First song from "songs 2011", performed by Parkinson Saunders at Audiograft in Oxford, March 2012.

  • straw dogs (opening)

       piano - matthew linley, tim parkinson

  • string quartet (extract)

       Apartment House

  • ten brass (excerpt)

       Reservoir and Karelia Brass (cond. Mikel Toms)

  • three music boxes (extract)

       played by Krank

  • three pieces (extract)

       tim parkinson

  • trio (excerpt)

       angharad davies - violin; stefan thut - cello; tim parkinson - piano

  • trio with objects (extract)

       played by Incidental Music

  • trombone and piano piece (extract)

       Craig Shepard - trombone; tim parkinson - piano

  • two cardboard boxes (extract)

       Played by Tim Parkinson and James Saunders at Q-02 in Brussels on 17th December 2007.

  • untitled (1998) (extract)

       Stefan Thut

  • untitled (2004c) (extract)

       tim parkinson - piano

  • untitled cello and piano (excerpt)

       anton lukoszevieze - cello; tim parkinson - piano

  • untitled flute and piano (excerpt)

       flute - annie parker piano - tim parkinson

  • untitled quartet (excerpt)

       flute - annie parker clarinet - andrew sparling violin - darragh morgan cello - anton lukoszevieze

  • untitled quintet (extract)


  • untitled two pianos (excerpt)

       pianos - tania chen, tim parkinson

  • untitled violin and piano (excerpt)

       brian lee violin tim parkinson piano

  • untitled winter 2002 (extract)

       London Sinfonietta 

  • viola piece (extract)

       Julia Eckhardt

  • violin and piano piece (2009)

       extract from "violin and piano piece (2009)" played by Angharad Davies and Tim Parkinson @ Audiograft, Oxford, 2011

  • violin and piano piece (extract)

       Brian Lee - violin; tim parkinson - piano

  • violin piece (2006)

       Written for the Mark Muller Galerie in Zurich. Played by Angharad Davies, 10th November 2006.

  • violin piece (excerpt)

       violin - brian lee