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Piano Trio 2020

performed by

Plus Minus Ensemble

(Mira Benjamin, violin;

Alice Purton, cello;

Mark Knoop, piano)

Recorded 2021 at Alpheton New Maltings

Recorded by Newton Armstrong

Produced by Mark Knoop

Image by Rick Pushinsky

Released on BANDCAMP


2nd March 2023

Siwan Rhys

Programme to include:


Joanna Bailie – Roll Call, for speaking pianist (2018)
Tim Parkinson – untitled 2021a (2021) (world premiere)
Ryoko Akama – 10 days etude (2020)
Oliver Leith – I spend most of my life with a screen (2019)

Pianist Siwan Rhys brings together diverse works from the last five years, including brand new pieces by University of Leeds composition students.

The programme includes private and intimate pieces for piano alone, written during the pandemic by Ryoko Akama and Tim Parkinson, alongside works for piano and film by Joanna Bailie and Oliver Leith, each conjuring their own eerie and distorted worlds.


Clothworkers Centenery Concert Hall, Leeds, UK



25th March 2023


Array’s 50th Anniversary celebrations continue with a duo recital from Array’s two Artistic Director / Percussionists: Rick Sacks (Array Artistic Director 2010-2015) and David Schotzko (2019-present). Featuring solo and duo works by Linda Smith, Tim Parkinson, Michael Oesterle, Anne Southam, and more.

155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, ON, Canada M6J 3W3


26th March 2023

Brittiläisiä Pianosävellyksiä

Cornelius Cardew: Octet ’61 for Jasper Johns (1961)
Cornelius Cardew: Melody (1967)
Cornelius Cardew: Thälmann variations (1974)
Laurence Crane: Derridas (1986)
John White: Sonata 95 (1977)

Tim Parkinson: We’ll meet again (2015)

Mirka Viitalan & Tuija Hakkilan (piano)

15/10€ (ovelta; vain korttimaksut tai Mobilepay)

  • 16:00 18:00

  • Galleria Midori 1 Kirkkokatu Helsinki, 00170 Finland

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