2nd December 2022


new work


Ryoko Akama

Catherine Ross

Anna Jane Houghton

Sharon Phelan

Beth Shearsby

Modern Art Oxford, 30 Pembroke Street, OX1 1BP UK


13th October 2022

Time With People @ Gnesin


Opuses 1, 3, 6, 7 from Time With People


performed by

Fibem Ensemble


Gnesin Contemporary Music Week,

Ground Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, RUSSIA

17th September 2022

BBC Radio 3 New Music Show

Jordan Hirst - Ghost Light

Crystalbel Riley - Drum Improvisation

Hanspeter Kyburz - Sisyphe heureuse

SMikel Urquiza - Howl

Cameron Biles-Liddell - Frozen Plains

Tim Parkinson - ensemble 2012
Marja Ahti - Membranes

3rd September 2022

BBC Radio 3 New Music Show

Courtney Bryan - White Gleam of our bright star

Onur Türkmen - Kurşundan (of lead)

Naomi Pinnock - Landscape

Sam Gendel - Boplicity

Tim Parkinson - violin and piano 2017

Jessica Pavone - Only In Dreamz

Nina Šenk - To see a world in a grain of sand